Canva – FREE Graphic Design Tool

Canva – FREE Graphic Design Tool

About Canva

Canva is a great resource for non-profits, churches and small businesses.  It is a tool that allows you to create any number of graphics for various uses including digital and print.  If you are someone who has said “we can’t afford a graphic designer” or “we can’t afford graphic design software”, then this is something you should check out.

Cost: Free Version and Premium Version

The free version and the premium version both have their advantages.  Most organizations can get away with the free version.  Here is what is included in the FREE VERSION:

  • Free templates for everything (powerpoint, posters, letterhead, business cards, etc)
  • Lots of font choices
  • The ability to upload your own graphic files
  • Direct Downloads (once you are done designing you can download your artwork in a print ready format)

The PREMIUM VERSION does have some advantages:

  • You can magically resize artwork to fit on another size canvas.  This is great if you have multiple things you want to print with the same styling and this will save you a lot of time.  An example of this is if you are starting a fundraising campaign and want to print postcards, a flyer and a letter.  You can design it once and then resize it to fit any size.  You’ll simply have to adjust image sizes and layout for your new size.
  • Saved colors.  This is great if you have organizational colors that you want to include in all of your designs.
  • Bring in your own fonts.  You are not limited to their font catalog (which is pretty extensive).
  • And many more features.

Canva is a tool that i’ve been using for a little over a year and find it to be a great tool to quickly design a project using their built in templates for imagery and text.

For more information about Canva, check out their website.

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