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A simple list of amazing features.

Save yourself time and money by switching to digital bulletins.  Get a professional, amazingly-well-crafted, bold new way to communicate yourself.  Your organization will want to thank you with many hip-hip-hoorays.  Delivered to inboxes everywhere.

Save Money

The average organization spends $2000+ per year on printed bulletins.  As you probably know, most of these end up making bibles thicker, trash cans fuller and cleaner’s job harder.  For $120/mo. ($1440/yr.) we do all the heavy lifting and you reach countless more people.

Reach More People

What happens if John Smith doesn’t come to church this Sunday?  He misses all of your important announcements.  What if you could not only send him all of this week’s announcements, but also the sermon from this week, any blog posts, and other great information?  Now you can!

Flexible Scheduling

Going on vacation – stressed about communicating important events while you are way?  You can fill out our simple 5 minute form and schedule out your bulletins in advance (up to 1 month).  We will then publish it on the date you wish for you!


Include Media

Send out the latest sermons, blogs and more weekly.  Good luck getting your paper bulletin to do that!  We can include video and audio with every bulletin that goes out!

Get Social

We will automatically post your digital bulletin to Facebook and Twitter for you – no need to wonder if your online audience will get the message, trust us – they will!

Use Your Images

We send you a file to your team with all of your graphics from your digital bulletin included.  This can then be used during your announcement time to communicate the exact same thing that people have seen in your bulletin.  How awesome is that??

This must be complicated.  It’s not.  Seriously.  Its definitely more complicated to unjam your printer every week.


Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Digital Bulletins.

What is the price?

Our pricing is set at a very affordable rate.  We setup your account on auto debit using your credit or debit card until you decide to cancel it and you are billed monthly for $120.00.

When does my bulletin information need to be in?

In order for our team to craft your bulletin and send it to your audience we will require at least 2 days in advance prior to sending out your bulletin once we’ve received your information.  For example if you wish to send it out on Saturday, we would need this information on Thursday.

Can we use our own graphics?

Absolutely!  If you have crafted a graphic for an upcoming event or other organizational happening, just include your graphic with your weekly form.  There is an image upload option available during the form fill out process.

I'll be away for a week, can I send my bulletin information in advance?

You can send your bulletin information up to one month in advance to our team and we will ensure that your bulletin gets sent out in a timely fashion on the date that you request.

Will I get a proof before you send?

Upon request we can issue proofs prior to sending out your bulletin.  For the sake of efficiency, our team will proofread the bulletin prior to sending and email the sender if there are any questions.  If we do not receive a response, we will proceed with sending the bulletin as is.

Ready to make the switch??