KEEPVID – Video Download Tool

KEEPVID – Video Download Tool


We’ve all been there.  There has been a great video that we’ve come across that we’d like to show to our audience but we don’t have the means to share this video and don’t trust youtube or whatever other source we are pulling it from to display it without any hiccups during our presentation.

The solution to this problem is to download this video and run it directly from your computer.  If you are in a church service and either your internet is suspect or you don’t have confidence that a video will stream effectively, this is a great solution for you.  The website is a great tool to help.  There are several other forms of this technology available, is just the one that i’ve found to be the easiest.  Anyvideoconverter is another solution that is available, but for the purposes of this article i’ll focus on keepvid.

Keepvid allows you to simply grab the URL you are attempting to download from a source (i.e. and to save it to your computer for later use.  You can do any number of things once this has been downloaded.  You can burn to DVD for viewing on a tv, or you can import the recently downloaded file to your display program (song show plus, media shout, etc).

Check out keepvid.  It’s easy to use, free and effective.

For more information about keepvid, check out their website.

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