The Challenge

Take an existing site built in Joomla! CMS and convert it over to a responsive design using the WordPress framework.  Client desired to have a mobile friendly, contemporary design that showcased their media and blogs.  In addition they desired to have several connection points to include social media and email campaign integration.

The Solution

Created a 17 page responsive site that achieved all established goals for this organization.  Currently this organization hires Kingdom Creations to provide weekly updates to their site and send out digital bulletins.  The digital bulletin service alone has saved the church thousands of dollars as they have gotten away from paper bulletins to their audience.


Down Time While Reconstructing

Paper Bulletins Distributed Weekly

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

The Good Stuff…

Mobile Refresh

This website is 100% compatible with all devices and readjusts itself to fit the screen that the user is displaying it on.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

We rebuilt this site from a site that had been built 5 years previously.  We incorporated all of the tools and resources that were used currently while adding several new functions.

Needs of the Organization

Through in-depth meetings with organizational leadership, we built this site with the intention of making it a hub for activity for this local church.  The end result has been one that has served countless people.

The Results Were Amazing

Check out the live product!

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