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Support Pricing

Our websites are built 100% ready for our clients to use and grow their organizations with.  With all of the changes that are constantly taking place in the web landscape, it is highly recommended that you consider adding a support package to your site to ensure that your site is safe, secure and up-to-date at all times.


We have built over 50 websites in the past couple of years.  We build our sites on the Wordpress framework and build them with the future in mind.  Our sites are scaleable, responsive and offer a wide range of capabilities.

Feature index
A new age of features.


All devices work well with your new website.  Phones, tables and desktops…oh my.


Incorporate the ability to have your audience follow you on all social media outlets and share your content across these same platforms.


Images, Videos, Audio – all easily added to your new website as you see fit.


We design your website so that as you grow, so to can your website.


Accept online payments and donations by linking into one of our preferred non-profit donation modules.


We are here for you when you have need.  Our websites experience 99.99 percent uptime, but event when problems arise, rest assured that we will assist.


We provide blog templates for you to easily put your ideas in front of your audience.


From sermon galleries to photo albums, we offer solutions to all of your media needs.


We provide tutorial videos for every area of your site that you wish to maintain.


We offer service plans to help with every skill level of website maintenance.  If you have a need, we will assist you in meeting this need.


We integrate with systems such as mailchimp, constant contact and more.  Grow your list to spread your message!


Keep your audience informed with an integrated calendar system.

Note – This is not a fully exhaustive list.  We offer custom design to meet the various needs of non-profits, churches and small businesses.

kingdom creations design co.

Kingdom Creations Design Company was founded in 2010 with the purpose of connecting organizations with their audience through use of creative media and technology.  We have a strong desire to help non-profits and religious organizations reach their current and future audiences.

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