Hootsuite – Social Media Manager

Hootsuite – Social Media Manager

About Hootsuite


Do you feel overwhelmed by social media?  Do you know that it could be a valuable tool for your organization, but you don’t have the slightest idea how to engage your audience using it, or do you feel that you don’t have the time required to manage it?

Hootsuite aims to solve this problem by doing a couple of things for organizations.  First, it provides the ability to connect all or nearly all of your social networks to one platform so that you can monitor all feeds in one place.  This is a great as it doesn’t require you to navigate from window to window or app to app to see what is happening out there.

The second thing that is great about Hootsuite is that it allows you to make timed posts to help you manage how much time you really need to spend on social media platforms.  Imagine this… You sit down for 30 minutes once every two weeks and you schedule 1 post to go out everyday to your audience.  With one click of a button you’ve now setup all of your social media accounts to communicate with your audience – DAILY.  And, you’ve only spent a small amount of time and resources getting it setup.

This is very valuable for the small church pastor, or small business owner who is on their own in many ways.  Often times coming up with an effective strategy is a solution that provides better results than not trying anything at all.

For more information about Hootsuite, check out their website.

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