Using Google Forms

Using Google Forms

About Google Forms

Forms are a great way to gather data and engage with your audience for a specific purpose.  Whether you are offering signups for a recreational activity, or gathering data from your members, chances are you’ve used some kind of a form at some point.

Google Forms is a great FREE resource that is available to anyone with a google account.  Google accounts are free to sign up for and offer a ton of different services apart from just email.  Google offers a lot of different office related products for free and allow you to collaborate with other google users on any of their products.  This is a really neat feature that helps your workflow run smoothly.

Why You Should Consider Google Forms

There are many reasons that Google Forms will be helpful to you if you start utilizing these services.

  • It is free, always.  There are several paid options for plugins for your website.  They all serve a nice purpose and at Kingdom Creations Design Co. we use many of these plugins for various thing on client sites (contact forms, etc).  With Google Forms, you get a powerful option that doesn’t cost you anything.
  • It can be deployed across many outlets.  You can use the same Google Form on your website, social media and even send it in an email campaign.  This allows for you to reach people through every possible online avenue, and also gather all responses in one central location.
  • They are very customizable.  There was a time when Google Forms was a bit lacking in terms of functionality and features. On the whole, Google Forms offers a solution for almost all needs in terms of gathering data.
  • It is easy to setup.  No worries about coding or formatting to fit your website.  With the simple embed code that is offered with each form, you can easily bring this in to your site quickly.  Also, the time it takes to create a google form is really minimal.


There are a couple of detractions that may steer you away from google forms.

  • The type of data that you can collect is minimal.  Their functionality is limited in terms of the data so if you need something with more power (e-commerce forms, multipage forms, etc), you may need to purchase a plugin to accomplish this.
  • You need a google account.  This isn’t necessarily a downside, but to use their forms you have to have an account with them.

Overall, I think that Google forms are worth a look for you.  It is a great tool that can help you quickly gather information.  And, as with most of the featured products on this resources section, it is FREE to the public.  Try out Google Forms and see if it helps your organization.

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